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There is a gold rush right now, and it is not happening in California or the Yukon. It takes very little startup capital, requires no permits, no office building, and can be setup in just a few days. It is happening online. Starting a business online is one of the more profitable opportunities that are available. People from all of the countries of the world are lured by the possibility of making it rich by starting a successful Internet business. Unfortunately, the reality is that a successful Internet business is the exception rather than the rule. Most of the people who start an online business fail at it in the first 12 months.

There is no surefire way to start a successful Internet business. You see, all of the things that make it so easy to start a successful Internet business - the lack of expenses, the ease of doing business, and the rapidity with which a business enterprise can be assembled - greatly increase the competition. The Internet has many things to recommend it as the market place of the future, but none of these guarantee that you personally will make any money in your new business online. Anyone out there can get high speed internet, set up an online storefront software, and get to work. Unless there's something that makes you different and better than all the other competition out there, you'll have a hard time being successful long term.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. After all, if you're trying to start a successful business in a more conventional field - a restaurant for example - the risks are tremendous. I know a lot of people who have created successful online business ventures, and talking to them makes it obvious that it is worth the risk involved. If your business goes under, you can be out tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need to get investors, startup business loans, and a detailed financial plan.

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If you are trying to start a successful internet business, however, things are much easier now than ever before. If you fail, you generally lose very little aside from the time that you put in to it. The expenses are low enough that you can try different approaches and opportunities. You can try again right away! This is the biggest advantage that Internet businesses have over other kinds. If you never become profitable, you may have lost a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars, but not as much as a brick and mortar business. It is easy to start again with a new website.

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